FALL 2019 - SPRING 2020

            Lessons will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd and continue into May at which time a recital will take place at the East Hampton High School.  Recital dates and rehearsal schedule information will be posted and distributed when available.  
            All costumes for stage use will be supplied by the Creative Dance Center and after use, must be returned.  There will be a $15.00 rental fee per student to help defray costume upkeep, which includes repairs, additions and accessories.  Advanced students of the Creative Dance Center Company will pay a $25.00 rental fee, which includes use of Christmas show costumes.  This fee is due in January 2020 and should be included in January’s tuition.  The costume base, which must be obtained by each student and can be used during the school year consists of the following: a black long sleeve, scoop neck leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and black tap shoes for girls; black dance pants, black ballet slippers, and black tap shoes for boys.  Advanced students need to also own a black tank top leotard if so required at recital time. These items may be purchased through the Creative Dance Center.  Students may wear any color or style of leotard and tights during classes and hair must be pulled back out of the face.  NO STREET CLOTHES PLEASE.       
            Payment for lessons is due on the first lesson of each month.  There are no adjustments to monthly payments due to unattended lessons and payment does not fluctuate according to the number of weeks in a month, as some months have 3 weeks and some have 5 weeks.  Missed lessons may be made up in lower level classes.  Prompt payment is necessary and very much appreciated. Cash or checks only please.  

IMPORTANT NOTES: The Creative Dance Center’s schedule does not always coincide with the East Hampton Public School System’s vacation schedule.  There will be no lessons on the following dates only.  Please mark your calendars accordingly. 

14th - Columbus Day
31st - Halloween

28th-30th - Thanksgiving Break

23rd-Jan 3rd - Christmas Break (Classes will resume Jan. 4th)

11th - Easter Weekend


During winter months, when East Hampton Public Schools cancel or dismiss early due to snow, lessons at the Creative Dance Center are automatically cancelled.  If ever in question, please call (860-301-2435), check our Facebook page, or check our website.
DRIVERS: Please use caution during entrance and exit from the parking lot. Do not let young children walk in the parking lot unattended. Do not linger in parking lot after class is finished. Time between classes as well as parking space is limited.
Thank you for your cooperation.  

I look forward to another year of achievement!  – Shelley